Services & Solutions

Media Bridges provides senior executives charged with managing the impact of traditional media (television, film, music, publications) and new digital technology with trusted expert perspectives informed by more than twenty-five years of world-class media industry insider experience.

We offer Strategic Advisory, Development and Implementation Services – working as a confidential and seamless extension of the client’s team to enable more or new capabilities focused on uncovering actionable insights and results. Then we incorporate and prove out the insights in Pilot Integration Efforts and scale those Integration Efforts in broad-based Implementation Programs we develop with our client.

Our approach typically includes three primary components: Assessment, Integration, Implementation

Assessment: working with senior leadership we identify situations where better results can be achieved with existing resources and identify potential opportunities to leverage new resources to further strengthen corporate and brand priorities.

Integration: Building on the Assessment Recommendations, we suggest and develop plans to create results-based programs, that are proven out as pilots and/or tests.

Implementation: Based on the results of the pilot and/or test programs, we scale the implementation and impact of the effort across the organization

Some examples of the Solutions we offer

  • Identify opportunities to leverage existing and new resources across new and existing media options to service corporate and brand objectives
  • Foster relationship-building between brands and consumers through new forms of engagement across traditional and digital media environments
  • Reach specific groups of consumers leveraging new video opportunities including web streaming, community-around-content, and branded entertainment applications.
  • Optimize monetization of legacy and current media efforts
  • Identify emerging advertising opportunities across multiple screens and recommend scenarios that leverage current and historical advertising spending against new media consumption behaviors